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Lemon Disinfectant

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Lemon Disinfectant

ACS Lemon Disinfectant is a ready to use disinfectant, cleaner, mildewstat, fungicide, deodorizer, and virucide.  



  • Product is ready to use-do not dilute.
  • Dwell times range between 1 to 10 minutes and is dependent upon the use directions.
  • Effective against Staph, Salmonella, E-Coli, Listeria, MRSA, Hepatitus B, Hepatitus C, Herpes Simplex 2, HIV-1 (Aids virus), Influenza, Norovirus, RSV, SARS, and the Athlete Foot Fungus.
  • 4 gallons/case
  • Sold by the case