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Frozen Drink Machine Rental

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Frozen Drink Machine Rental

Our most popular rental machine by far – the Gold Medal Frusheez Machine is the perfect addition to any special event!


Product Description

The Gold Medal Fruzheez Frozen Drink Machine is available to rent in a 1 bowl or 2 bowl option. Each bowl holds 3.7 gallons of liquid and can be used to make alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Once frozen, each bowl will dispense approximately 30-35 8 oz. servings. Time to freeze without alcohol is 1-2 hours and with alcohol is 2-3 hours. Therefore, we recommend you plug the machine in plenty early to ensure your drink is ready by the start of your event. We offer a variety of frozen drink flavor options in our retail showroom for purchase; however, if you have a specific flavor in mind we recommend pre-ordering your flavor at the time you make your rental reservation to ensure the specific flavor is available when you come to pick up the machine.  


Rental Pricing

  • 1 Day – $125.00*
  • 3 Day Weekend – $175.00*
  • Week – $600.00*
  • Month – $900.00*
  • Delivery or Pickup – $35.00
  • Refundable Deposit – $50.00
  • *Deduct $50.00 for Single Bowl 


Rental Details

Call us today to reserve this rental for your next special event! Make sure to bring your government-issued ID and credit card when picking up your machine.


Rental Available in our Following Locations:

  • Wichita, KS
  • Hutchinson, KS 


Recommended Supplies

Check out our Recipes page for creative frozen drink concoctions that can be used at your next special event!



  • Before you begin: 
    • Plug the unit directly into a wall outlet (i.e. no extension cords). 
    • If using machine outdoors, make sure it is not placed in direct sunlight. 
      • Caution: Unit may not freeze completely during really warm weather. 
    • Make sure bowls are secure and in place before using, failure to do so will cause leakage of drink mix. 
  • Operating Machine: 
    • Pour Fruzheez mix in bowl. 
    • Add 2 gallons of water to bowl (if using alcohol please see tips below).
    • Plug machine into wall outlet. 
    • Turn on machine (switch looks like a lightning rod).
    • Turn on blades (switch looks like a curved arrow).
    • Turn on cooler (for frozen drink flip switch to snow flake; for cold drink flip switch to rain drop).
    • If renting the double bowl machine, make sure to turn on the blades and cooler for each side. 
    • Attach drip trays to front of unit (there are cutouts on front of machine where they hang).
  • Tips:  
    • If using alcohol, use 2 gallons of liquid, water and alcohol combined. Subtract from the water the amount of liquor you use. This will prevent overfilling the bowl. Most popular liquor used is rum or tequila. 
    • Using liquor with mix increases the freezing time. Time to freeze with alcohol is 2-3 hours and without is 1-2 hours. Please plug machine in plenty of time ahead of your event. 
  • Cleaning: 
    • Turn off cooler. 
    • Empty all mix out of the bowl using the spigot. Do not try to tilt the machine to empty bowls. 
    • Flush bowl with water. (Again, please ensure cooler is turned off because if the water freezes while flushing the machine it could cause damage.)
    • Wipe out bowls with damp cloth to remove any remaining juice in the bowl. 
    • Rinse drip trays and place in bowl when clean.