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Multi-Colored Waffle Cones

Multi-Colored Waffle Cone Recipes

We made these colorful waffle cones in orange, black, and green for Halloween, but experiment and delight your customers on other occasions and holidays too!


  • #8212 Vanilla Waf-A-Cone Mix
  • 40 oz. of water

For green waffle cones: 1/4 cup Green Apple Corn Treat #2294

For orange waffle cones: 1/4 cup Orange Corn Treat #2288

For black waffle cones: 3/4 to 1 cup food-grade activated charcoal


  • Add flavor to funnel cake mix
  • Pour waffle cone mix into a bowl and add 40oz of water. Mix using a wire whisk until smooth.
  • Pour about 1 to 1½ oz. of waffle batter on a seasoned waffle cone iron.
  • Bake for approximately 1 ½ minutes at 400˚ F
  • Remove waffle from waffle iron and form cone immediately.

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